Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I edit my FoodQuest profile?
A: Login and select the settings icon, there you will be able to edit your FoodQuest profile.

Q: How are rewards points earned?
A: One reward point is earned when you rate a dish while in a restaurant. You may rate multiple dishes but only one reward is issued within a 24 hour period.
You must have location services enabled on your mobile device to receive credit.

Q: Where can I see my rewards?
A: Log in and go to your profile and select "REWARDS" to see your total rewards. You only earn rewards points when you rate a dish in the restaurant.

Q: What do I do with my reward points?
A: You may spend your reward points on gift certificates in our rewards store. We will mail you a physical copy of the gift certificate. Everyone loves getting mail, right?

Q: What's the difference between rewards and discounts?
A: Rewards earn you points towards gift certificates in our rewards store. They are earned by rating dishes in the restaurant. Participating restaurants may also
offer a discount on your next visit when rating dishes in the restaurant as well.

Q: Why should I be a fan of a restaurant?
A: Fans may receive special offers and discounts from restaurants they are fans of. Plus, you'll have a quick link to your favorite places in your profile.

Q: How do I access/use discounts?
A: When you receive a discount after rating a dish in a restaurant, your discount will be applied to your profile. To redeem your discount, show your restaurant server the offer on your mobile device at your next visit. Terms and conditions may apply. We all love clicking buttons but please do not hit "REDEEM" before you are ready to pay for your meal. Your reward will no longer be valid.

Q: What are trending dishes?
A: FoodQuest uses a formula that looks at user ratings for dishes over time. Example: dishes that are popular on the site over time become a trending dish.
These values change daily.

Q: How do I share dishes on my social network?
A: When you are finished rating a dish you will receive links to share the dish on a variety of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Q: Can I rate the restaurant too?
A: Absolutely! You may rate a restaurant in terms of service and atmosphere on the restaurant's home page. You may also leave comments.

Q: How do I become a Tastemaker?
A: Users earn Tastemaker points by rating dishes in a restaurant and collecting rewards points. You also earn additional points for your activity on the site including comments and sharing. Tastemakers generally have the highest point totals.

Q: How do I save dishes I want to try for later?
A: FoodQuest allows you to create your own custom lists which allow you to save your favorite dishes or remind you what you may want to try the next time you go out to eat i.e., "Things I want to try" or "All time favorites"

Q: How do I request a restaurant not on your site?
A: There is a box on the right hand side of the FoodQuest homepage to request a restaurant you don't see on the site.

Q: What is Smart Server?
A: Smart Server is a technology that creates great food recommendations based on the food YOU'VE rated. COMING SOON!

Q: Why aren't all comments public?
A: Here at FoodQuest we believe that concerns over legit food issues are best served when communicating directly with the restaurant. However, all ratings are factored into the overall score of the dish/restaurant.

Q: Can I rate a dish without leaving a comment?
A: Yes. But here is your chance to be a food critic. Why would you want to pass up the opportunity?

Q: Why has my comment disappeared or not been shown?
A: Comments on dishes rated 1.5 or higher are shown publicly beneath the dish. Items rated below 1.5 are shared directly with restaurants, not on the site.

Q: What if I don't have cell phone or Internet service in the restaurant?
A: Ask your server for help logging into the restaurants Wi-Fi network.

Q: Have a question not answered here?
A: Contact us at